Movies To Watch On A Rainy Night

d4aa5df35e7a2d4c81058a38f2cc3f7c.jpgAs I write this, I realise that all of these films are animated. However, if you’re like me on a rainy day, most of the time I want to watch a good animated film. It makes me feel imaginative and brings out the inner child within me. Especially if you’ve been staying indoors from the Sydney rain last weekend you will be able to understand the definition of movies on a rainy day. Although, it was quite a stormy one, I felt safe inside my cosy place. It was one of those days where it was dark outside even at 1 o’clock in the afternoon. When I finally did go outside, there were many sad umbrellas that were caught in the wind lying on the pavements, and dead leaves scattered on the path that could no longer crunch. Even so, I do love Winter like an old friend that always wears a red knitted scarf. There are far too many other films I love (most of the Disney films) and adventurous, action, romantic comedy and drama films that I enjoy watching too. Here are a few that I would recommend on a rainy day, while lying in bed with a hot fruity tea. Spoilers ahead*


Coraline. It was during 2014 when I was sitting in my little room on the first floor. The house was very quiet. Coraline is such a wonderful film with just enough creepiness. With buttons as eyes, a tunnel that goes into the other world and a wise lesson on being grateful for what we already have. Although, I did think to myself if I watched this when I was 5 I would of been terribly scared of the Other Mother.

baa64fcb3b5732970dcdeb56cfe9c722.jpgThe Corpse Bride. I’ve watched this film many times as we had it on DVD when I was in NZ. This film will always be one of my favourite. The piano scene, the wedding, the singing and the general contrast of the upper world being in it’s all it’s grey and melancholy, and the under world in all it’s colour and lively energy.

Wreck_it_ralph_qbert_drt8krWreck-It Ralph. This movie is definitely the “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover” kind, because I put off watching it for such a long time simply because of the poster. Then knowing Disney, I’d surely know that there would be some kind of wonderful adventure, story line and characters that you can’t help just loving. This film was so funny and unexpected, I loved the whole idea.

c4766f14a783cf91a44cb44b526c359e.jpgThe Little Prince. Originally I had read the book first. The film is based on the book, and is as heartwarming and adventurous as you would imagine. I love that it reminds us to always stay true to ourselves and stay curious. Life is full of many questions, and we should never stop asking. There are a lot of great lessons in the film (as well as the book). In Wonderland. Alice is one of the most intriguing characters. No doubt that she is extremely curious and entering Wonderland reveals new things that she has never experienced. If it’s all in a dream, well then even in dreams we are always learning something. “The whole thing is a dream,” Carroll told the dramatist Tom Taylor, “but that I don’t want revealed till the end.”

Cinderella_Party_Crashers (1)Cinderella. One of the classic Disney films, It will remind you that A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes, and that whatever you set your mind to and believe it with all your heart, it can come true. I always believe this even though Disney makes it all too easy with happily ever after’s. I do believe that our dreams can come true, especially in a world where people may try to bring you down

kiki__s_delivery_service_by_kikisdeliveryservice.jpgKiki’s Delivery Service. If you ever get the chance, you definitely need to watch other Studio Ghibli films. From Spirited Away, My Neighbour Totoro and Howl’s Moving Castle, to name a few. When I was younger, I loved watching this film because not only was it somehow so satisfying to see an animated character eat drawn food, but even today when I watch it, it reminds of that new adventure we have when we move to a new city.

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