Living In A World That Praises Extroverts

Which-Disney-Animal-Should-You-AdoptEveryone is different. In a world where many people want to fit in, it’s only when we are ourselves can we appreciate our differences. If you’ve ever been left out in high school, you will understand that feeling. As someone who didn’t want to pretend to be energetic all the time or say words that are trending – I got left out a lot. An example was in gym class when the teacher asks everyone to choose another partner. I was always left as one of the last people with no partner. I don’t ask for your sympathy, because as an introvert I have faced far worse. It’s sad that it happens as a result for not trying to ‘fit in’ with the world. It doesn’t only happen while we’re young, but it also happens in business, daily life and interacting with people. All throughout primary school to high school, teachers wouldn’t hesitate to say “Don’t be too quiet, Katie”. There is a huge societal stigma for being quiet. Silent in a conversation, silent when in other’s company, silence.

To the people who outwardly say they dislike someone but act nicely when they are around, I will never understand. As an introvert, I tend to keep it to myself if I dislike what someone does. The thing I want to address (which may seem harsh), is that some people who are quite talkative are just making noise. I knew many discussions that were very repetitive and didn’t have any depth. But some of the quietest souls, when they do speak, they usually speak what they have been thinking about for a while. Extroverts generally make friends more easily and are happy to be in social environments, which makes them feel even more energetic. This article is not to say introverts are better than extroverts, but to point out how much society praises the extrovert.

Being an extrovert is seen as the good, and being introverted is often seen as an issue, especially when you are a child. This paragraph from here explains it so well: We live in a live-out-loud think-out-loud society. Being an extrovert is praised and admired and being an introvert is often viewed as a problem that needs to be overcome or pitied, particularly in childhood. The invaluable benefits of being introverted are often overlooked when people don’t look deep enough. And because we’re often taught as children to be ashamed of our introverted nature by society, we grow up constantly fighting against ourselves instead of maximizing our strengths. We all have different personalities, but I believe we should be praised for our actions rather than our outward appearance.

There are often group situations and naturally I tend to end up listening. I already have gradually made my answer in my mind, but sometimes I don’t end up saying it through all the discussion. This article here from BBC explains it all too well. When I was at university, naturally everyone was socialising. However, after a while it really wore me out and I realised how much time I needed to spend alone. As we grow older it’s important to learn to speak up when you need to. It’s also wise to learn when to keep quiet.We need introverts and extroverts in the world to keep a balanced society. If you ever feel there is something wrong with you for being introverted, try reading this article here. It contains a wonderful quote from Carl Jung, the Swiss psychiatrist who said, “The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are.”

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