Naruko Apple Seed Tranexamic Acid Spot Line Refining BB Cream (Fair Skin Tone) Review

elleFirstly, I am quite a sunscreen addict and am hesitant to use BB cream more than 3 times a week. It’s a personal fear of mine to break out as my skin is alas on the oily side. However, I was given the Naruko BB Cream from a family member, and have used it for just over a year now. Compared to my younger teen years, I don’t break out as much as I used to. There are more sprinkles of freckles that often appear and pimples occur mostly in the T-zone or that time of the month. The shade Fair Skin is perfect for those who prefer having a slightly pale and smoother complexion. For example, if you are lightly tanned, then the fair skin will be able to smooth out the skin tone more easily. The scent is not too strong and sits very subtly on the skin. The consistency is not as thick as it may look and is quite light.

naruko1Although I have not used enough BB Cream or foundation in my lifetime like my trusty friend the mascara, I can fairly say that as long as a BB Cream provides good coverage, I’m happy. For those who are crazy about having to wear sunscreen, I find it’s good to apply a little sunscreen and moisturiser underneath first. However, the cream contains SPF 50 already. Take note that it does not absorb so well and may show through out the day (eg. more noticeable you’re wearing the cream). Interestingly enough, after reading several reviews, many people aren’t very pleased with the BB Cream, but maybe it’s because I don’t wear it enough – personally I’m quite happy with it. The downside is that it’s not easy to apply and starts to look a little on the surface after a few hours. The image below is after applying 2 layers of BB Cream. If you want full coverage you will need to apply more (note: the tube is 25g).

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