How Much We Have Changed Over Time

katieWhy are we often embarrassed by our past selves? I was looking at old photos of myself from only 3 years ago and couldn’t believe how much I’d changed from 16 year old Katie. I’m sure we’ve all looked at certain photos of ourselves when we were younger that were slightly cringe worthy. Other times, it’s the memories that bring mixed feelings. You know what I think? I think it’s sometimes those past mistakes that happened, that reminded us not to repeat them again. We needed those moments to learn, grow and hopefully become a little wiser. Our decisions, friends, relationships, attitude, actions and perspective on life changes throughout time and it’s just a part of what shapes us to who we are today. On the cusp of turning 20 I cannot help reminisce, remember and think about my younger self. How much she has adventured, experienced and challenged through. None of us are perfect, no matter if it’s us from the past, future or the present. Not only do we physically change throughout our teenage years, but our minds are changing at a rapid rate. We never really see how much we’ve changed considering we are our own company day and night. Whether it’s the music we listen to over the years, the style we wear, the people we’re surrounded by, our values, careers or personality – change is inevitable.

3e8cd4a81783e02f0b5fe657b50a921fWhenever I read my past diaries or blog entries, I realise how much I emphasised wanting to be a more positive, kinder and better person. Throughout the years I’ve realised that being a perfectionist can often make expectations lead to disappointment. This really taught me to take many things with a grain of salt and move on. Nothing may always go precisely to your plan but – that’s okay. Life’s not a straight road. I cannot predict what the 20’s will bring me, but I can gather that they will bring me more life experiences, more up’s and down’s and a greater sense of finding my self. It may be the decade of trial and error, discovering new possibilities and meeting more people around me. No matter what, we’re always growing.

2 thoughts on “How Much We Have Changed Over Time

  1. I agree we shouldn’t be embarrassed by our past selves. We learn from our mistakes made in the past and grow to be better people. We always got to remember too the past is the past it doesn’t exist anymore.

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