Style File: Elle Fanning

9940f61c3b0425db89c35fac7b7cd281Sweet and Bubbly – that’s the vibe Elle gives me. As a young actress,  you may have seen her in Maleficient, We Bought A Zoo, The Box Trolls or Somewhere. Whether it was watching her ‘drinking tea’ in the swimming pool, being a sweet princess or  the animal lover.  The ever so smiley and sunshiney Elle Fanning is also well-known in the fashion industry. She loves Marilyn Monroe and appeared in film at 2 years old. I love the way her eyes light up when she laughs, and how she always looks very natural with minimal makeup. There is something fairy like, arty and lovely about her style.7a46746df2239f9fe9afb5462787de0d067f06628ce8712c09e17a8b9ac60d5095cfed141136dfc5b924b6cc05e8c53bc2dc67dace877de695d91003d03fc29accf7ecb0b3a0c67d746cd4e3f5e46932Elle-Fanning-Modelling-Asos_large03-elle-fanning

Photo Source: Vogue US | Marc Jacobs | ASOS Magazine | Vogue UK

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