Ere Perez Real Rosehip Lipbar Life Review

12562614_197039687316987_788224256_oHappiness is smiling without any pain. Windy days seem to cause my lips to get dry and lose moisture quickly. You may of heard that it is just important to apply sunscreen protection on your lips as it is on your skin. The Real Rosehip Lip Bar from Ere Perez is deceiving, because of its gorgeous bright red colour. Easily mistaken as a lipstick, it is actually a unique lipbar that nourishes, protects and pouts your lips with a soft red tint and shine. I have previously mentioned Ere Perez in Australian Cruelty Free Cosmetic Brands. The Life lipbar is 100% Australian owned, not to mention it is Vegan, Certified Cruelty Free and Fragrance Free. When first applied on the lips, it gives a light tint of red and glides on very smoothly. I almost feel as if I’m drawing on my lips.

The lipbar nourishes my much needed lips, as they are highly prone to dry. It softens the lips and feels barely there, compared to some chapsticks where you can taste it. However, the natural product is light on the lips and gently moisturising. I highly recommend it to those who are looking for a stylish, soothing, gentle and very moisturising lip product that adds a tinge of red to bring life into your lips. The packaging is also very clean, cool and easy to hold. It’s convenient and will fit perfectly in your makeup bag.

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