Style File: Lana Del Rey

db4f573a8c87ae6f90015c49df224a95If I could sit at a beach all day listening to West Coast, Brooklyn Baby and Blue Jeans with Lana Del Rey singing, it would be like an iridescent, kaleidoscope-like dream. The first song I ever heard from her was Born To Die, the same time I discovered Adele, and knew that I had fallen in love with two beautiful voices. I fell in love with the way she edits her videos, her poetic lyrics and sweet voice. In an interview  with Lana, she says “I’m a writer first..then I’m a singer second” The words stayed with me, because writing is conceiving and composing our thoughts before we can create something magical and magnificent. Music wise I feel I could wander off talking about, but Style wise, I love Lana’s modern, yet timeless and 60’s style. The eyeliner, long luscious lashes, dreamy voice, big doe eyes and gorgeous hair.


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