Natural Beauty: Baby I Was Born This Way

e4aaad2836b4a7086f9161db22d6be00A person that I admire is Margaret Zhang from Shine By Three. Every few months I read one of her articles, and every time, I can feel the honesty in her voice. She says what she needs to say. I was reading her article Skin Cells, and one part got me going Yes, that is so true. We live in a world that is everchanging and conforming. Let it be a reminder to do what you love, not what others love. Dress the way you dress, and not what other’s say. And be the person you truly are, rather than a facade. Here is the following excerpt:

{And then I land in Asia where, in my opinion, women are, naturally, some of the most flawless and mesmerisingly beautiful in the world.

And yet every commercial cosmetic brand has a bleaching cream just for the Asian market. It’s somewhat unusual for a girl in her twenties to have completely untouched, ‘virgin’ black hair. Coloured circle contact lenses, false lashes, and white eyeliner make your eyes look more Caucasian (or more like Manga/Anime, where protagonist babes are generally blonde with blue eyes). Plastic surgery rates are, proportionately, some of the highest in the world. Hell, I’ve seen instances where bloggers have been sponsored to get nose jobs and double eyelid surgery.

It’s a complete rejection of what you’re born with…

But I believe in being happy.

The strive for cosmetic perfection is bloody depressing.}

Those words were ringing in my ears after I read them. It makes me wish that I can just tell people they’re beautiful just the way they are. But, in the few instances that I have offered these compliments, I have stopped for a while. Whether it was telling someone they had “Gorgeous Lashes”, that were naturally very black and have them looking at you as if you are crazy. Or telling someone “You are such a lovely person” and they brush it off by saying “No I’m not”. Somehow I wish people would accept those wonderful things about them. The small details that others see as quite wonderful. No matter what, I think it’s important to give little compliments here and there to remind people they’re wonderful!

The thought of plastic surgery is a very two sided topic. When I think of why  people do it, I try to understand they’re not happy with a part of their physical self. It’s their body, let them do what they want. True. There is quite a lot of Asian trends and beauty ideals that have boom and expanded in Eastern Asia. Eye enlarging Contact lenses, whitening skin products or double eye lid tape. Raise your hands if you use whitening skin products too. I don’t think I could ever leave the house without applying sunscreen. Yet, a part of me wished that every person could realise their eyes are beautiful with out doing the most common surgery procedure of – double eyelids. What’s wrong with monolids?

Beauty is not defined by the mass media or social media unless we let it. And well.. this is how I look at it. At the end of the day, I could be friends with a physically beautiful person, but if they always talk bad about others, complain and are give me negative vibes on the daily, then their beauty turns into nothing. True beauty is not from our skin, eyes or body shape. It’s the way we hold ourselves, help the world, treat others, the words we speak and our ability to be kindhearted. Beauty comes from within. Personality is everything.


2 thoughts on “Natural Beauty: Baby I Was Born This Way

  1. As I love mangas, I can understand girls want to have fun and create super original looks Harajuku style, with pastel hair and heavy make up. That is nice seeing this kind of fantasy we wouldn’t have in European country for instance.

    On a more general level, I have to agree with this post. I am not a fan of plastic surgery at all, and using it to get conform to a certain Western standard is even more problematic. I can’t tell if it is about really feeling bad about complex or just wanting to look like others. It says something sad about our society. I really like Asian models like Fei Fei and Ji Hye. The latter really has something special !!

    1. That’s true, which makes me want to visit Japan someday and see all the cute things! I can relate as I love anime and their distinct features are the big eyes. Mm, Plastic surgery is becoming very common isn’t it?! I wish people didn’t feel the need to change their natural features through surgery :) Ah yes they are beautiful – natural beauties ;)

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