Daily Thoughts: All The Succulent Things In Life

It’s been over 1 year living in Sydney, and I don’t know how to express my gratitude and how truly blessed I feel. 2015 was really a year of change and miracles, and even though it was challenging at the best of times, I learned a lot. Every year, we make new goals to achieve, whether they’re short term or long term. As I sat down on Sunday service, the pastor said that 2016 is the year of overcoming. Yet, every year we should have faith that there will be miracles and the overcoming of boundaries. The words really rang in my heart, and I deeply believe that every person needs to believe, have faith and show it. 

No matter what you believe, we have to have faith in what we hope to achieve, act on it and show -whether that’s yourself- it. The pastor went on to speak of a time where he spoke to a 92 year old. She said she believed in God for 5 years. Yet, as she grew older, she feared death. She wondered, Will I go to Heaven? What happens when I die? and all the questions one may ponder. However, the pastor said he’d like to sit down with her the day after, in the afternoon to talk about it. She agreed and said she will be there. He paused and asked, how she was so sure, how she knew she could trust him? She realised. We need to trust in ourselves and most of all God. Self doubt is the quickest way in limiting our abilities.

We live in a time where too many people live for other people, take words to the heart, want to be ‘cool’, lack confidence and don’t realise their full potential. We want to do something,  but then a little guy whispers in our ear and says “No, You can’t. That’s not possible” Whether  you’ve always wanted to write a book, run a marathon, chase your career dream, travel overseas – whatever it is. Some people don’t reach it, because they stop themselves, before they can even try. 2015 told me that anything is possible. As long as you have faith, believe in yourself and act on it. Patience isn’t just waiting, it can also be a matter of time. Often there is a lot of hard work and quiet persistance until we can reach what we want to achieve most. Whatever your new years resolutions are, you can do it!

2 thoughts on “Daily Thoughts: All The Succulent Things In Life

  1. Love the pictures ;)

    2015 was an excellent year for me personally too. I think starting my fashion blog was a nice choice :)

    1. Thank you! (with the handy help of pinterest haha)

      I’m really happy to hear that and I am glad that we could discover each others blogs through the internet! Looking forward to seeing more of your fashion posts~

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