Style File: Catherine Deneuve

54bc80476183d_-_hbz-catherine-deneuve-1962-42-36225654-corbisThe French Actress, Catherine Deneuve has acted in many films including Belle de Jour (1967), The Last Metro (1980) and Indochine (1992). Not to mention her impeccable style and effortless grace. She is considered a classic film actress and a style icon. In the late 1970’s she was the face of Chanel and was considered a muse for Yves Saint Laurent, who dressed her for various films. 1966-catherine-deneuve-wcw54bc80482810c_-_hbz-catherine-deneuve-1962-11492173554bc80498054e_-_hbz-catherine-deneuve-1963-107555854catherine-deneuve-dresscatherine-deneuve-laughingfef8d776cbe586906e5d760f272a4eb2plastic-fashion-1-1542x1021Venette-Waste_Catherine-Deneuve_fiocchi

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