Summer Love: Hair Advice

7312f8e1a86c7307d1f4a2f8e3c1ceecHair has such a way of expressing ourselves, as much as the clothes we wear, the way we talk and the way we hold ourselves. Excluding the way we are (on the inside), it’s a wonderfully versatile way of expression. I think it’s lovely to experiment and try new things, because it’s all part of change and having your own individual style. However, my lesson from dying my hair once last year, is that I truly wish I hadn’t dyed it. It was a light-medium brown, that made me terribly miss my black hair.

That’s the brilliant thing about trying new things. You will know what you love and have a good nudge for what not to change next time. It’s important to take care of your hair, especially with the amount of sun exposure, hair washing and general care. Pinterest is literally my best friend for new hair styles. There are endless ideas online, that the easy access is simplicity at its best.  Below are some of my advice for taking care of your hair:hairhair1. Blow-dry on medium to avoid burning, over-heating and drying out the hair. The best thing I find is to brush the hair in the middle of blow-drying your hair, to cancel out the knots. I tend to finish, as soon as my hair is a nice balance of damp and dry – not wet and not over-dried –

2. Condition the ends of your hair. I can’t stress this one enough, because our hair is prone to drying, especially with the warmer weather. Conditioning keeps the hair healthy looking, because the ends of our hair consist of old hair. Try running your fingers from mid way of your hair towards the end, and leave in for a few minutes before washing it out.

3. Wash your hair every second day. This is highly dependent on whether your scalp is oily – otherwise it may be best to wash it as many times as you like. However, for those whose hair dries out easily if it is over washed, it’s good to let the hairs natural oil keep the natural moisture in the hair. 7b0e5bf882b7ff3912baf00cd58e351f4. Don’t over heat the hair. If you like to straighten or curl your hair everyday, it’s good to take note, that prolong heat to the hair can damage your hair in the long run. Try using a spray that will protect your hair before heating. Also, remember not to leave the iron in for too long on each strand, to avoid burning the hair. There are also hair products that will help protect the hair. As always there are also natural non-heating techniques for curling.

5. Brush the hair with soft bristles. I remember earlier this year, I had a hair brush that got stuck in my hair (literally), and there was no other way but to cut it off with a pair of scissors. Thank goodness it stuck at the ends of my hair. For someone who has thicker hair, I find that Soft Nylon Bristles are comfortable for the scalp and easily untangle hair knots.

6. Use a good shampoo. A good shampoo will contribute significantly in maintaining healthy and shiny looking hair. Washing our hair is the most important step in taking care of the hair. Using warm water will keep your scalp comfortable. Most of all, use a shampoo that fits well with your hair type eg. dry, medium, oily / short, medium, long / thin, medium, thick / straight, wavy, curly.6d2a856d0fb56e05312a3f7c38c9ef11b211654908689e8b242c3a3328b56dec7ed37c9a1848edf0bde498d4725868af

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