Musq Cosmetics Crème Foundation Review

IMAG2947IMAG2941I confess that I only wear foundation for special occasions, or for days where I feel as if my skin is not ‘on’. You know that feeling when you stare in the mirror a certain day, and suddenly you notice everything in high definition. All the details in your face and all the areas of your skin. Even so, I believe people are beautiful either way. However, we all have those days in the week, where we need our foundation friend. Especially with products that are placed directly on the face, where the skin highly absorbs whatever you may place on it, I am very conscious of what I products I place on my skin.

As a person with drier skin, it’s harder to maintain make up on the skin throughout the day, without the possibility of it cracking. However, with many organic products, they have wonderful moisturising properties that come from natural ingredients (such as the Shea Butter in the Musq foundation). I used the Sahara shade, which is a warm/fair shade. Everyone’s skin tone is different and so I’ve made a list of the shades that the foundation offers. I like that they cater to a wide range of skin tone.


Before applying the foundation, I like to moisturise my skin first (optional). The application sponge was very easy to apply, and it maintained good coverage of my face. I applied two thin layers on my face and it covered my spots instantly which was really good, as I have used many BB creams in the past which haven’t covered as well. It gives quite a smooth finish and is soft to touch, however I would (as a personal thing) touch up once or twice throughout the day (if your skin is prone to drying).

It feels very fresh and not at all heavy compared to some foundations where you can feel there is an extra layer of product – it’s quite light and allows the skin to breathe. It’s also virtually odourless compared to products where  you can smell the chemicals that create an artificial scent. This foundation is very natural indeed. Not to mention Musq Cosmetics is natural, vegan, gluten free and cruelty free! I recommend it for anyone that is looking for a light weight foundation with smooth coverage and a natural look.


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