Daily Inspiration: Let’s Be Game Changers

art-cool-kids-drawings-dream-Favim.com-2304974Inspiration is around us everyday. That is, if we really focus and allow ourselves to see it. Often, turning a blind eye seems so normal within our society today. Turning a blind eye to many causes, many issues and many situations, when we can extend a hand to help. These can be the smallest things, from a person that may need some of your time just to listen, or a person that needs your show of support. I feel incredibly inspired by Essena O’Neill’s blog. I truly believe that what she talks about on Let’s Be Game Changers, is something far bigger than our own individual self. From speaking about how our youth is capable of so much more, and to raise awareness of things that really matter. Time is valuable. Unfortunately, our generation uses most of their time on things that do not generate meaningful and healthy change. We have created a celebrity culture and placed more focus on things that don’t matter.

I really support this movement, to create positive change and raise awareness for causes that need attention. What ever dreams you have, don’t ever let anyone put you down. What ever positive change you want to place within the world, go for it and don’t look  back. Good things often take time. Having faith and belief in what you do is what will shape and help you on your journey. Below are a few videos that really inspired me. It is easy to forget that we are the next generation of change. This is our time to make a difference. Remember that it is from the smallest things as well as the biggest. Having kindness and spreading positive words. Cutting out hurtful judgment and inequality. Setting moral values and having empathy. Acceptance that every person is different. We are capable of great change. You are capable of great change.

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