Cherish Every Memory

rainSpending time wandering around places during the day, always makes me feel adventurous. Which is why long walks are simply the best. Whether you are alone or walking with someone. There is always something about taking time back, just to relax and seize the moment. pretty lightsThese circular lights of beauty hanging out. They are like little golden globes of candle light. Some of the things I love about Chippendale, is the wonderful feeling of home, artsy corners, small cafes and park full of dogs. lasersThe room was extremely dark, that the photo does not do justice to show how many pretty green lasers there were. The misty room, made me feel like I was in an action movie, trying to avoid the laser lights, imagining they might burn off my legs.IMAG1946These circular art rotated slowly, making a small windy noise. I am always hesitant to stand too close to art, especially when today I went to sit on a chair in the dark room within the art gallery, while wiping the things off the seat, realising it was flour on the seat and that it was a piece of art.IMAG1939The person on the left in stripes, who makes me laugh about strange things, is quite possibly the funniest and most entertaining person ever. You know when you see a random huge mirror in a studio warehouse. You have to take a photo together.yghThis piece of art work makes me feel like I am in an imaginary cool jazz bar that I will never go to, while drinking something melony and sweet. The thought of today is to …Cherish every moment and every memory.

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