Why I Don’t Have A Facebook

80e3a2953f2ce0b541d108548f07d9a1Back in the day, when many people were still using MSN and Myspace, Facebook was not really a popular means of communication. In 2006 I made my first Facebook Account. A few things you need to know about me, is that I am pretty old school in many ways. Update December 2016: I use a private Facebook now to keep in touch with family, but I still very much agree with everything I wrote below. This whole growth of connections and engaging with other people seemed pretty great, right? Being able to keep up with everyone and what they are doing. However a decade later it doesn’t seem so great (to me at least).

I have to admit, I feel that Facebook has lost it’s hype a lot, but has grown more for businesses. It is a powerful marketing tool – especially with the amazing increasing levels of people using Social Media. It has gotten to the point that it is not ‘normal’ not to have a Facebook account, or walking on the streets, sitting on the bus and riding the train is ‘normal’ by staring into your screen constantly. Live a Simple life and look further than a screen from time to time. Naturally as human beings, people want to follow what’s popular. Without further ado, here are reasons why I don’t have Facebook.

1. The people who truly care, are under the amount of 10 Facebook Friends. The thing is not every single person, we will be best friends with. It’s great to make connections, especially for friendships and businesses today. But, in terms of personal relationships, I don’t feel they would be reaching several hundreds. I could count off family members and one or two friends I really feel genuinely close to. Call me introverted but I feel it is much more valuable to nurture close relationships, than have many friends that only know you on the surface.

2. I really value my privacy, and having a blog is a more concise (with many long articles however) way of my outlet. Facebook has a strange privacy condition, that makes me a little suspicious. As well as the fact, that many employers are looking at Facebook accounts today to research about possible future employees. However, I believe it is important to keep your personal and professional life separate.

3. Time is precious, and spending time online is already enough without Facebook. Productivity is one of those things, I strive for through out my day. To complete everything on the list of things to do, makes me feel that I have accomplished my goals for the day. It’s no brainer, that Facebook is a time waster. It is easy to build distractions through chatting, posting or reading articles.

4. Following that, the amount of posts that were on my news feed was the top reason to leave Facebook. One of them at least. I am not sure how many gossip news, trending news, memes, photos taken and more were on here, that were creating toxic and cluttered space in my strive for a simple space. Of course (all of this seems leaning to wards negative reasons – but I did appreciate seeing the people I had a close relationship to or knew some what well, doing well or having a great time.

5. Photos showed too much on what you’re doing, eating and how wonderful life is. Of course, most people I really enjoyed seeing them, and liking or commenting on them. It is a great way to share photos. But, somehow, people put too much value in Facebook. Almost a way of showing how cool or pretty you are. It is literally a platform for people to have an insight into your life through your eyes or other’s eyes. It is one to share moments of a great party, selfies, holiday or general photo.

6. Positivity is not something I felt when I had a Facebook (with the exception of talking to my loved ones). Either over the years, whether it was in college or in uni, I wanted to finish certain work, but used Facebook as procrastination. Or the situation of not realising that you are comparing yourself towards others, which is so hurtful to yourself. And so, I believe that with anything, you must surround yourself with positivie people to have and feel positivity. With that in mind, you also need to be positive from within. To me, Facebook is not a positive space. There are some areas that are not so nice.

7. The amount of likes does not equate to self value. Many people post personal photos, special occasions or photos of a new car. Which of course they can do so, and it’s nice to share moments of their lives of achieving something or enjoying themselves, to close friends. I just remember a past friend (that sadly is not anymore), that whenever I went to her place, she had uploaded a new profile picture, and would not be able to stop looking at how many people liked it every 2 minutes. We are not defined by likes.

8. The moments in our life should not be defined on a single pageOur lives are much much more. As a person who likes to use Instagram and enjoys blogging, there is an understanding that these are edited parts of our lives. We can choose what to post, edit, write, upload and take photos of. As human beings, we are incredibly visual, so many people are quick to judge. But, our lives are much more than it says on a screen. Let alone the description of our relationship, job or age. Which is why it is called the cyber world – not real world.

Photo Source: Three Rivers Deep

9 thoughts on “Why I Don’t Have A Facebook

  1. I enjoyed this post and agree with all the point you’ve made! :) Like yourself, I’ve pretty much abandoned facebook usage for almost a year now. I have a personal account just so I can have a facebooks business page for my blog in case people want to follow my personal blog. But for the most part, I pretty much don’t log onto facebook for anything else. I secretly wish for the death of facebook in all honesty.. I definitely enjoy the idea of people reaching out to others in a more organic and personal way again. Facebook has too much distraction and white noise that it definitely kills productivity. And I much prefer platforms like instagram and blogging because I think they are tools that actually promote growth for a creative artist.


  2. Hi Atsuna :)

    Thanks heaps for commenting! Yes, human interaction is definitely the best. I remember the earlier days where I was convinced it was normal to show what I was doing on Facebook most of the time, but almost ten years later, I’m realising how much I value my privacy. It’s definitely true, that Facebook produces a lot of white noise, and kills productivity. I found I have much more time on my hands now! I couldn’t agree more – they are great places to grow, be inspired and discover amazing talent.

    Katie. Xx

  3. I hear you. And I totally agree with you.., I might share this post on my Facebook later on if you don’t mind?!!! (Knowing there will be many people I know who will also agree with what you said here…)
    More and more often I have thought that Facebook has made me ‘un-happier’, you’ve said it all in this post Katie! THANK YOU!!

    Viv X

    1. I’m so glad! It’s one of the posts I have been meaning to write for quite some time. Yes, of course :) Please do. I agree. I ended up removing it, because it wasn’t making me feel happy in many areas. Thank you for stopping by to read the article! <3

  4. I dont have facebook either..for the same reasons you mentioned above. I only have a fan page related to my blog, which I recently re-started. Let’s see how that goes. Great post!! xo, Jey.

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