seven things to love about living in sydney


Amy Hamilton


From the different suburbs in Sydney to central city, there is so much creativity in this city, discovered, shown, hidden and waiting to be found. Art, fashion, film, design.. Art galleries to get lost in, Shows to watch, places to roam, things to see and areas to walk to.


2. People

People are generally very friendly in Sydney and are willing to help. Beach areas are much more laid back and there are lovely areas in Sydney, which sort of reflect the culture, fashion and people. Chippendale – where I am, people are artistic and trendy.


Phillip Barlow Art

3. Weather

The days filled with blue skies, sunshine and a cool breeze are the ones that make you have a love for Sydney. They bring a smile to your face, even if you are having a bad day. Somehow it feels like everything will be alright.


4. Street Fashion

People watching is always fascinating in a big city. Not to mention, when you are walking on the streets and take notice of outfits you like or haven’t seen before. Inspiration is everywhere. Everyone is able to be different and there is no judgement. People really embrace their style.


Leo Greenfield

5. Cafes

Chai lattes, Mochas and Green Mint Teas. One of the many reasons to love living in Sydney, is that there are much more cafes, then one would expect. Many (excluding chain cafes) have their own special vibe, flavour and style.


Karen Eland

6. Cats & Dogs

If you are an animal lover, Sydney is perfect. Many people keep cats and dogs in their apartment for company. Dog walkers everywhere are the norm, and lovely days of going to the pet shop to cuddle the cats are the best.


7. Random Acts of Kindness

There are many kind people, who go out of their way. Sadly, Sydney has many homeless people, but often you will see someone buying a meal for them, or taking the time to sit down beside them and ask ‘Tell me your story?’.


Chandra Nicole

Of course, there are so many more things to love about living in Sydney. This is only a tiny portion of it. For all you beach goers, city lovers, adventure seekers, keen opportunists, coffee drinkers, animal cuddlers – I could go on – Sydney is a great place to live.

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