sappho books cafe & wine bar


I have walked by this cafe for eight months, where there is always second hand books and jazz playing outside. Then on a cold winter afternoon, I decided, oh why not take a wonder. The banana and nutella pancakes were oh so good with a generous amount of nutella, while I sipped on a mocha. Note:I’m a terrible sweet tooth. The Sappho Cafe gave me the vibes of Wellington, New Zealand with the street art and nice alley ways. It makes me want to walk down Melbourne and see the artsy cafes. There was a heater warmly soothing my back and the song ‘In the dark’, not the one sang by Norah Jones playing, while the saxophone played in the background.

There is always something about the sound of a saxophone, especially at dusk when I’m walking home and the streets are vividly crazy with people walking home and I have my daily routine of avoiding walking into people. It’s romantic and husky. The brilliance of music taking you to another space. The atmosphere was lovely and little succulents sat beside me, with a drawer of books. The service was good and everything came very quickly. I don’t think we waited anything more than ten minutes.

Near by, there is always a little black cat that I see. We went and said Hi, but the little guy looked sleepy and unimpressed. It’s good to see the kindness of strangers giving food to a stray cat. There were two little cat bowls with water and cat food. I like to think every time I see the little guy, it’s a lucky charm. He just makes my day seeing his cute face.

(Blurry photo by Sam, kudos for the natural effect)

IMG_20150805_155448 IMG_20150805_155505 IMG_20150805_155523 IMG_20150805_155336 IMG_20150805_154500 IMG_20150805_155407 IMG_20150805_155427

Destination: 51 Glebe Point Rd, Sydney NSW 2037


Monday: 7.30am to 7.00pm

Tuesday: 7.30am to 7.00pm

Wednesday: 7.30am till late

Thursday: 7.30am till late

Friday: 7.30am till late

Saturday: 8.30am till late

Sunday: 9:00am to 7:00pm

Visit: Sappho Books Cafe & Wine Bar

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