sweet embrace


eat me drink me hear me

The feeling when you sit at the international arrivals at the airport is such a sweet feeling. I always loved watching people embrace each other, with every person having a story to tell. We forget how much we love to hug our friends and family, until we remember our childhood self. A sweet embrace makes everything feel much better. The best thing about a simple hug includes: the feel good factor // feeling connected // relieves stress // its free // lovely comfort

Over time, there are periods of the same song we listen to over and over again. There are thoughts that run through our mind until they can run no more. There are the same dreams we can’t escape from and the dreams we smile sweetly at. Every journey of a person’s life is so magically unique, especially if you believe that everything happens for a reason. The pain, the joy, the sad, the happiness.

There are the moments we don’t want to remember and the moments that we will cherish forever. The difference is knowing when to let go. Over time we change, naturally as it should be. Change is inevitable. Without change we are only static. There will always be those who tell us what to do, but remember this – you are the only one who can tell yourself what to accept, change and leave.

Four seasons was a time of days spent in the land of the long white cloud. Summer blue skies are the days spent down under. A sweet embrace is one felt in every season, in every day and in every night. It’s seeing a relative after many months or years of absence. It’s seeing your dear pet and feeling their warmth and little furry body. It’s smiling to see your loved one and feeling their heart beat against you. It’s a child’s embrace, full of love with nothing more and nothing less.

Happiness, a hug, a smile, laughter, joy, love. It all puts away the feelings of sad, stress, judgment and anger. Life is unpredictable. There will forever be a feeling of uncertainty to build the excitement. The journey is only ever what you make of it and what you put into the world. If you live it with love then One thing to know is that is will be worth the ride.

Print By LeMarigny // Oceans Hillsong

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