life as we know it


Mhm, that is my Dad feeding the Little Katie Me

Remembering Childhood Stories where imagination is limitless, creativity is a land of its own and dreaming is a reality.

Just a small town girl, living it up down under where the creativity is booming and the air is crisp. What’s the story then, you may ask. As you grow by the years, you begin to reflect on the pre-years of life as you knew it. Beginning in the earlier times, where mud pie making, catching butterflies, bed time stories, bouncing on the back yard trampoline and feeding the neighbourly hedgehog was the norm.

How I miss the days of innocent living, where an argument began because of the ‘misplacement’ of a caterpillar on my sister’s shouler, or an adventure of capturing a house hold mice in a jar, only to be set free in the outside world. Never in my wildest dreams, I would of imagined I would grow up to go through the phases of puberty and would become a semi-adult. The time seemed too far, much too far for my mind to get around, yet I was too busy with doodling on a note pad and trying out the latest origami book.

When we’re young, our worries are much less. Far more less that in primary school, I witnessed two best friends who began crying and arguing. It seemed quite serious, and as the eight year old me, I paused like a possum. The girl realised her best friend didn’t like peanut butter jelly sandwiches, and this truly upset her. Or maybe, the ‘biggest’ worry I personally had, was when little boys would tease me for speaking Mandarin, and tell me that they speak Pineapple, Mango and all fruits in the salad.

 Laughing happened more than talking. About anything and nothing and everything in between. It didn’t need a reason because it just was, what it was. Yet, as I lean on the wall of nearly two decades, I have to remind myself that life is about enjoyment, just as much as when we were little kids running around smiling about life. The spontaneous water fights, tramps up the hill and adventures in the bush were there to teach us how to live. When crying was when your Mother told you that if you swallowed the watermelon seeds, you will grow a tree in your stomach.

The country girl living in the city wants to tell the world, embrace who you are and the child within. Don’t let the carefree nature, kindness and freedom you felt be diminished in the age of adulthood. Heck, in the age of technology. Jump track to the 21st century, there was a time I sat at the park with my dear friend, who resembles a rock ‘n’ roll model of the 90’s. She told me how her friend had a fear of butterflies, and I couldn’t get over the sweetness of it. Then it made me reflect on my own terrifying fear of small cute little mice. And now because I have said it, I may have a nightmare about it.

Remember the first day the puppy arrived, the first small crush that felt like true love and the first time your Grandma handed you a handful of lollies, telling you not to tell your Mum and also to brush your teeth afterwards. Maybe you also remember the time where you walked home on the gravel footpath in your bulky school shoes, and your Dad smiles at you with the good news of new born piglets. Then you’re just run forrest running towards the stable. Cos whatever you are about to do the next minute after reading this, remember those little memories that made your life seem sweeter, and don’t forget to create new ones. Your childhood self would of told you not to take it all too seriously :)

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