coated with love

Winter has always been my favourite season, aside from the terribly cold weather and rainy grey days. Not to mention the poor umbrellas feeling of insignificance in the chaotic wind. It’s the fact that you can wear much more without feeling overdressed. The feeling of the way a coat embraces the body and keeps it warm is really satisfying. Which is why I have a thing for over sized coats, that look four sizes too big for my frame, but fits perfectly. The irony is that the younger me, would of profusely denied wearing anything that resembled a coat, but how miraculous the times have changed.  Aside from the ability of coats to keep one warm, it also makes one less likely to catch a cold. Unfortunately the neglection of my coat, resulted in payback and now I’m terribly sick. The warmer days are yet to come, so for now I am coating up.


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