Cats in Clothes


Heather Mattoon has extraordinary creativity and a beautiful imagination in creating wonderful clothes for cats to wear. Her art work makes you feel a tingly sensation of happiness and joy when you look at the paintings. Mattoon gives each cat a name and a description of their personality, creatively bringing them to life.

Henry is not yet a teenager but likes to hang around the older crowd to feel a little bit cooler. He is wearing his favorite onesie pajamas.


Brewster does not like walking to school in the snow.


Kat is a tough gal who grew up scrappy. She loves the city streets and is often seen snapping shots of hip cats for her fashion tumblr.


Elise is 3 years old. She likes to eat clovers from the back yard. She says ” I love you clover!” and then gobbles them up, she says it tastes like lemon.

il_570xN.603103077_9hr4 (1)

Cooper walks alone most of the time, wondering where he left his journal last,


All Art work and Italic fonts by Heather Mattoon

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