Cat Island


As an adamant animal lover growing up in the country side, I couldn’t resist looking on youtube (as one does on a grey rainy day) at cats walking at the park, cats that are the size of dogs, cats who are excited to see their owners, talkative cats.. As a young girl I had a profound love for furry and sweet creatures (with an exception to what cats like to eat). My first personal pet was Hercules, a black and white kune kune pig who was the sweetest giant. He was incredibly smart, very hygienic (and clean might I add), affectionate darling and simply a gentle giant. He had massive ears similar to Dumbo the elephant that would swing when I walked him about. There is something intriguing in the way animals have a way of understanding you in a way that is so unique and special.

One thing led to another and somehow I discovered a cat with half of its face black and white and then an island with a 6:1 proportion of cats and humans. Firstly here is the picture of the cat:


Venus the Chimera Cat

On a southern island called Aoshima Island in Miyazaki, Japan, over 120 cats dominate the territory with a handful of humans living there. The island is surrounded by rock formations with a land of 11 acres.


264420ED00000578-2977668-image-a-107_1425397984154 2644200700000578-2977668-image-a-105_1425397984104Aoshima-Island-cat_3217939k Aoshima-Island-cat_3217944k

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