Exploration of Australian Fashion Bloggers


On a Thursday night at my desk, eating blueberry cereal with grapes and vanilla flavoured yoghurt. Breakfast for dinner is not usually healthy, however it’s one of those nights. I thought it would be nice to write about three bloggers I have happily discovered earlier this year. If you are attracted to beautifully vivid colours and endless Summer feels, then you may want to trickle by K is for Kani. For the more minimalist monochromatics and pleasure seekers in grey, discover Harper and Harley and for the eclectic, stylish kind, find Bam It’s Joanne.

Note: All Images from Original Bloggers website.

K is for Kani – Connie Cao is a wonderfully creative 22 year old situated in Melbourne. Her beautiful photos speak colourful inspiration and happy vibes. The blog covers everything from Fashion, Lifestyle, Wellbeing and Travel.




k-is-for-kani-asos-watermelon-lipstick-clutch-5 k-is-for-kani-home-with-connie-gorman-hometime-rachel-castle-garland-alice-mccall-may-the-label-3 k-is-for-kani-MBFWA2014-pink-raincoat-asos-molten-store-relic-clutch-7

Harper and Harley – Sara Donaldson creates aesthetically pleasing ways of combining Black, Grey and White in elegant and simplistic outfits. Embracing the minimalist wardrobe and incorporating styles to suit all seasons.

harper-and-harley_fashion-blogger_suit_phillip-lim_7-m5ehkd20g647ggzrjintm3itsa9lcmg8u22c6kzktc harper-and-harley_london_toniguy_4-m5fc02j56o238jf0dn6oo3leiznv2tc1tb1kjedjgc harper-and-harley_sara-donaldson_lara-messenger_at-home_fashion-blogger_7-m5ehmsh03rfvg7gsd2g4jzgp14aq8h3a62qhtbe4ju harper-and-harley_sara-donaldson_new-york_fashion-week_givenchy-buckle-mules_1-m5ehm25isefuf4j0mr2km63sebwg8y6sqggwdkh5ew harper-and-harley_twin-set_hansen-and-gretel_web_4-m5ehk3nmjtrc8ddf2eljx5w7ufjx7nexgrjhdtdoe4 harper-and-harley-little-black-dress-ellery-1-m5ei2pujwp8s6cbxcyajsyrve5smnubjowook3rtdc

Bam It’s Joanne – Spontaneously discovering Bam It’s Joanne on instagram may make your day. Joanne Phua is a fashion blogger and University student in Sydney. She radiates a coolness of fresh, chic and amazingly stylish fashion.

IMG_6606 IMG_6871 IMG_7787 IMG_8160 joanne-2 street5

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