Embrace Yourself


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Being yourself, is about embracing yourself for who you are. It is most importantly learning to love the person you are, because there is no one not even nearly quite like you. You are literally a grain of sand on the shore, a snowflake falling from the sky and the footsteps in the mist, all created with your own unique design. If we all lived without fear of judgment, without care of what other’s may think then we would have peace with the cycle that has been ongoing on this Earth since its creation. The fear of judgment is a cycle, due to the idea that when one person is conscious, there will be someone else conscious, and the irony? Most of the time, it is because we are judging ourselves.

When we feel set free, it is when we feel no need to have any judgment within ourselves. To love yourself first, is the only step to acceptance and loving those around you. Often we wonder, why did someone say such those words to me? That really hurts. The answer in life is always Love, as I strongly believe and cannot stress enough. Social Media is the visual example of people hating and pouring their hatred within themselves onto others.

I am amazed at how many of these sort of people we have possibly all encountered in our lives, not knowing that in their minds they must have thoughts that they would not express vocally. Embrace yourself. This is easier said than done, as many things are. The first thing that I always find easiest, is to accept my self flaws and all. Nobody is ever perfect, and the best thing we can do, is do the best that we can as an individual.

You are in control of good change or bad change in your life. You are in control of the present moment which happens right now. Don’t worry for tomorrow or yesterday. You are strongest and powerful of time right now. Time can be so easily wasted through worry and stress for the future and the sorrows of the past, that we forget that there is a moment in time that is now, the present.

“Love yourself first and everything else falls into line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world.”

-Lucille Ball

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