Little White Dress

Spending more than a month in Taiwan has put my mind in more perspective about many things. When we travel to another country, we experience the culture, environment, people and language. As an Asian person who feels incredibly Western in an Asian society, it was extremely difficult for me to adjust myself to the culture. It reminds us to be accepting of other’s cultures and also stay true to our own values. We are free to disagree with certain cultural ways but we cannot personally expect it to change.

I have never worn so much Black and White during winter. My favourite Christmas song is “White Christmas”. I have always dreamed of having Christmas in the snow, considering we have Christmas in the sand nearly every year. There is something magical and mysterious about having Christmas in the snow, simply because it’s something you see in the movies and never imagine yourself being physically there. As the new year approaches us, it is important to remember that not only should we make goals for the new year. We need to make new goals everyday, big or small. To be a little kinder, to learn from our mistakes and most of all to love those around us.


Cara Delevingne in the 2013 Louis Vuitton show


Burberry White London V Neck Dress Phillilt


The One and Only, Audrey Hepburn.

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