Sprinkle of Freckles

There is something about freckles that has always intrigued me. Whether it’s sun kissed or natural, they are beautiful. It really proves that natural beauty is truly the best beauty. They are like a constellation of stars on you that add a touch of charm and delight. A dash of sugar perhaps? An interesting fact is that not everyone can get freckles. Generally the skin needs to be light and prone to sun damage. I suppose even over the years of lathering sunscreen on my face, I still have a sprinkle of freckles.

But what exactly are freckles? Freckles can be genetic or affected by the sun. People with lighter skin have less melanin in their skin. Melanin is a chemical produced by certain skin cells; it helps protect the skin from the sun. The more melanin you have the tanner you will look. People with lighter skin have less melanin in their skin to begin with, but some of their melanocytes make more melanin when exposed to the sun. So instead of easily getting an even suntan, they sometimes get freckles!











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