Animal Humans

I did a similar post a while ago called People as animals. Animals as people.I’m very interested in how odd it is to place animals and human parts together. There is an almost a strange but pleasing feeling it gives to the twinkle of my toes, to see a person have a wolves head. I don’t know if you are like this, and once you see the expiry of a food is close you will try consume it as fast as you can. As my previous blog post stated, I like how these images below show how humans can have animal like characteristics. Not so much the “animal” it self, but just certain things animals can really express eg. A Brave Lion, A timid mice. I am also interested in how people can be compared to being animals in a positive way or negative way.

The positive can be examples such as being adventurous, wild and free, and really appreciating nature. A negative aspect can be the more violent nature of animals especially in prey, eg. A Shark attacking, a Crocodile killing an antelope. There is something unnatural but lovely about the strange combination of animals and human.














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